Systematic Macro Trend (“SMarT®”) Fund

The Redwood Systematic Macro Trend (“SMarT®”) Fund seeks to generate capital appreciation while focusing on managing downside risk.

  • Seeks to invest in exposure of domestic and or international small-cap equities, growth and income equities, preferred stock, convertible bond, high-yield bond and leveraged loan, emerging market bonds, and or real estate investment trusts.
  • Equity hybrid strategy or relative value strategy, meant as an alternative to traditional moderate risk strategies.
  • Utilizes a quantitative research approach that seeks to identify periods of heightened risk of significant loss to move exposure to the safety of money market or short term U.S. government security funds.
  • For more information on our strategy, please click here
Fund Advisor

Redwood is an investment advisor to registered mutual funds, ETF, a limited partnership, and to separately managed accounts, subadvisory accounts, unified managed accounts, and model portfolios. Redwood is an Investment Advisor registered with the SEC under the 1940 Advisor’s Act. Such registration with SEC does not imply certain level of skill or training and no inference to contrary should be made. To learn more about the Fund Advisor, click here.

Fund Facts
Class I
Ticker RWSIX
Category World Allocation
CUSIP 90214Q881
Minimum Investment 10,000