Managed Volatility Portfolio (VIT)
Fixed Income

The Redwood Managed Volatility Portfolio seeks a combination of total return and prudent management of portfolio downside volatility and downside loss by using a quantitative strategy that seeks to identify the critical turning points in the markets for high-yielding fixed-income.

  • A non-traditional approach to fixed-income exposure in today’s historical low rate environment
  • Utilizes a quantitative and tactical approach to risk management
  • Seeks to hold a diversified portfolio of primarily high-yield corporate bond exposure when various risk measurements are favorable, and money market or short-term bond exposure, when risk measures are unfavorable
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Fund Advisor

Redwood is an investment advisor to registered mutual funds, ETF, a limited partnership, and to separately managed accounts, subadvisory accounts, unified managed accounts, and model portfolios. Redwood is an Investment Advisor registered with the SEC under the 1940 Advisor’s Act. Such registration with SEC does not imply certain level of skill or training and no inference to contrary should be made. To learn more about the Fund Advisor, click here.